St Patrick's Catholic Primary & Nursery School

"Christ be with me and Christ be within me"


Relationship and Health Education

at St Patrick's Catholic Primary School


In England, Relationship and Health Education became statutory for all primary schools from September 2020.  In order to teach our children the vital knowledge and develop the skills they need, as well as to nurture them as individuals and in their faith, our school uses the 'Life to the Full' programme.  This programme is approved by the Catholic Education Service and was highlighted as a work of good practice by the Department of Education.  


The Life to the Full programme of study begins in Early Years and is taught in every year group to Year 6 supporting and embracing the statutory guidance, whilst providing a Christian vision of the human person, in all of his or her complexity, diversity and richness, rooted in the teaching of the Catholic Church.  The programme emphasises very strongly the dignity of every person as being created and loved by God.  Life to the Full is inclusive of all children and families acknowledging that families are made up differently (including single-parent families, blended families, step-parents, carers, etc) and it celebrates the family unit in whatever form it takes.


From the outset, and at all stages of teaching, the core principle on which the programme is based is that we are ‘created, chosen and loved by God’; our equality is ultimately derived from the value we have in God’s eyes as beloved sons and daughters, and we are called to love God, love others and show God’s mercy in our actions.


The programme adopts a spiral curriculum approach so that as a child goes through the programme year-after-year, the learning will develop and grow, with each year building on the last.

Life to the Full Overview

Life to the Full Curriculum Content