St Patrick's Catholic Primary & Nursery School

"Christ be with me and Christ be within me"

Enrolment Form

St Patrick's is a Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School situated in the Diocese of Northampton.





“Christ be with me and Christ be within me”


We ask that all parents applying for a place here respect our mission statement and ethos and its importance to the school community.  This does not affect the rights of parents who are not of the Catholic Faith to apply for and be considered for a place here.

The governing body of the school is responsible for determining and administering the policy relating to the admission of pupils to the school. It is guided in that responsibility by the requirements of the law, by the advice of the Diocesan Trustee, and its duty to the school and the Catholic community.

Having consulted with Northamptonshire County Council and others in accordance with the requirement of the law, the governing body has set its planned admissions number for the school year in Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 at 30 pupils per Year group. Nursery Allocation is 30 for am and 30 for pm.

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation 49 of the Education (School Government) Regulations 1999, the Governing Body has delegated responsibility for determining admissions to its Admissions Committee.