St Patrick's Catholic Primary & Nursery School

"Christ be with me and Christ be within me"

Our Governors

The Governing Body of St. Patrick’s Primary School is made up of ordinary people who volunteer because they have an interest in education and a commitment to ensuring that the children who are pupils of the school achieve to the best of their ability.


We work in partnership with the Head Teacher and her staff to raise standards of achievement for all pupils of the school, set budgets and oversee the curriculum.  We do this by fostering positive relationships based on communication, understanding and support.


We work hard to maintain the catholic ethos of the school and to make the school mission statement an integral part of our work.


Our Governing Body is made up of the Head Teacher who is automatically appointed, Foundation Governors, who are appointed by the diocese, Parent Governors who have a child or children in the school and are elected by other parents, staff governors who work in the school, Local authority governors who are appointed by the local authority and associate governors who are appointed by the governing body but do not have a vote.


We are all enthusiastic and passionate about the work we do as we continue to strengthen our membership.

Governing Body Register of Interests

Governor Committees

Governor     Type Start Date End Date    
Blair Louise Mrs Headteacher 01/01/2012      
Fernandes Linda Mrs Foundation (parent) 01/11/2017 31/10/2021    
Lawson Ann-Marie Mrs Foundation 01/07/2017 30/06/2021    
MacLellan Catherine Mrs Foundation     has re-applied - previously 04/10/2016 - 03/10/2020
McCarthy Jean Mrs Foundation 01/09/2017 31/08/2021    
Shocklidge Natalie Mrs Staff 02/10/2020 01/10/2024 Previously 07/09/2016 - 06/09/2020
Stock Daniel Mr Parent 19/10/2020 18/10/2024    
Sweeney Natalie Mrs Parent  19/10/2020 18/10/2024    
Warren Kirsty Mrs Associate Member  02/10/2019 01/10/2023    
Whitfield Tony Fr Foundation 06/11/2019 05/11/2023    
Vacancy     Foundation (parent) 17/07/2018      
Vacancy     Foundation 16/06/2018      
Vacancy     LA 02/10/2019      
Resignations during the year:            
Warren Kirsty Mrs LA 18/12/2017 02/10/2019    
McCormick Marian Ms Associate Member  14/11/2018 02/10/2019    
MacLellan Kady   Parent 13/10/2017 18/09/2020    
Instrument of Government:              
Type Number            
Headteacher 1            
Parent  2            
LA 1            
Staff 1            
Foundation 7 of whom at least 2 shall, at the time of their appointment, be eligible for election or appointment as parent governors
Total 12            
St Patrick's Governor Attendance 2021-22: Full Governing Body Meetings
Governor 30/09/202118/11/202110/01/202227/01/202202/03/202217/03/202219/05/202218/07/2022Total
AtkinChrisN/AApols6 of 7
BlairLouise8 of 8
FernandesLindaApolsApolsApolsApols4 of 8
HuxtableMickN/AApolsApolsApolsApolsApols2 of 7
MacLellanCatherine N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AApols2 of 3
ShocklidgeNatalieApolsApols6 of 8
SweeneyNatalieApols7 of 8
StockDanAbsentAbsentAbsentAbsentAbsentAbsent2 of 8
St Patrick's Governor Attendance 2021-22: Total attendance including Full Governing Body and Committee meetings 
Governor  Total       
AtkinChris 8 of 9       
BlairLouise 13 of 13       
FernandesLinda 6 of 10       
HuxtableMick 4 of 9       
MacLellanCatherine 3 of 5       
ShocklidgeNatalie 8 of 10       
SweeneyNatalie 10 of 11       
StockDan 2 of 8       
*WarrenKirsty 2 of 3       
* Associate Member           
St Patrick's Governor Attendance 2021-22: Resources Committee Meetings
Governor 16/11/202105/05/202230/06/2022 Total 
BlairLouise 3 of 3 
HuxtableMickN/A 2 of 2 
MacLellanCatherine N/AApols 1 of 2 
SweeneyNatalie  3 of 3 
WarrenKirstyApols 2 of 3 
St Patrick's Governor Attendance 2021-22: Curriculum Committee Meetings
Governor 20/01/202205/05/2022  Total 
AtkinChris  2 of 2 
BlairLouise  2 of 2 
FernandesLinda  2 of 2 
ShocklidgeNatalie  2 of 2